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Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

The Big Bad Wolf who?

That is a good question.

Who is this wolf and why does he have such a bad reputation?

One thing for sure, he is a master of disguise. He may come small as a termite. He may come large as the ocean. He can wreak havoc with the cold or destroy you with fire! He might be as slow as rot or as fast as that last contractor you hired that disappeared with your advance payment. He might be the result of inferior materials coupled with poor craftsmanship. Needless to say, this wolf is all the enemies of your home and your bank account which you use to defend it with.

Third Pig's primary goal is to build a house that will stand up to this devil wolfs most extreme huffing and puffing. We are about midway of reaching this goal with the construction of a Monolithic Dome. Monolithic means one piece (as in footer, foundation, walls, and roof all being as one unit by means of rebar and concrete throughout). Dome means the strongest geometrical design you can build with the least amount of materials. For more on this subject go to our link at the bottom of this page, Dome Home. Right now we are in the business of providing small masonry jobs, at reasonable prices, for customers with an eye for detail, and who demand a good job.

Specializing in decorative work, paving patterns (mosaics), driveway entrances, and signs for subdivisions and businesses. We are also available for design work. All of the pictures on this site have been designed by Joel Emerson, who worked for his father, Herbert Emerson, for twenty years.

"I may not be the best, but I definitely learned from the best." Joel Emerson

If you are interested in design work or construction, or if you have any questions about your project, feel free to e-mail me at masonrysite@hotmail.com. We will do our best to answer all inquiries.

If you decide to hire someone else make sure you meet them on a full moon. It's not a surefire method, but it weeds some of them out!

Templates for the various paving patterns are available for your local mason to assemble. (Except for residents of Hawaii. You might want to fly me out there just to make sure the job gets done right!)

Nuff said, here's my resume. More pictures are available at thethirdpig.8m.com. That website has 80% Third Pig design and 20% design by others. The website you are currently on is 100% Third Pig design and assembly.


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